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Here, you can download music, which is provided by me, if you have some problems finding it.

The music are owned by their respective owners. I´m not a stealer, you´re not a stealer, so nobody is stealing nothing. Capisce?

So, I´ll give this a test:

Dream of an Absolution (Nightlight Remix):

Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Extras) :

Dreams fo an Absolution (K-Klub Remix) :

Waking Up (Julien K):

Chosen One (Linkin Park-A2):

Almost Dea (Powerman 5000):

This Machine (Julien-K):

With Me (All Ends):

Dark Gaia Phase 2 (Orchestra Version by Tokyo Philarmonic for Sonic Unleashed):

S&K Minor Boss Act 1 (Renegade Mix) :

S&K Hidden Palace Zone (Renegade Mix) :
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